Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Firefighter Has Bigfoot Encounter

From PacWest Bigfoot, an interview with a California forest firefighter where she shares her experience of having a bigfoot encounter.

Captured By Bigfoot

Mountain Beast Mysteries tackles the subject of bigfoot kidnapping humans. Is it something that happens? Why would they do it Check out the video.

The British Cryptid Conference

Coming up in May is the British Cryptid Conference. IF you live across the pond, you really should try to make this event.

Has The Tree Break Mystery Been Solved?

Things always seem more mysterious until you actually see them happen. Lots of people attribute tree breaks to bigfoot, but look at this video of what the wind can do.

Trucker Spots Something Terrifying

A truck driver sends in a report of an encounter he had in Wisconsin. He even sent in some images to go with his account, but what was it that he saw and experienced that were so terrifying?

Frightening Cryptid Encounters

From the Swamp Dweller Youtube channel:

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Terrifying Bigfoot Story

Witness tells terrifying story of bigfoot encounter that impacted her entire life. You can hear the fear in her voice as she remembers the event.

Eye Witness Bigfoot Sketch

A man talks about the encounter he had as a child when he came face to face with a bigfoot creature. He even drew a picture of what he saw.

What Makes Bigfoot So Scary

MattSquatch on yuotube discusses what makes bigfoot so scary. What is it about these creatures that frightens us so badly?

Another Encounter with the Salford Wildman

From the British Bigfoot Report:

Bigfoot in the City

From Cryptid Brothers Investigations:

The Forbidden Road

Utah Sasquatch Nathan Reo heads down to Texas to search for the Eastern Texas bigfoot. Reo and company head down the Forbidden Road, and share some vocalizations.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Bigfooter Guy Edwards Feature Interview

Bigfooter Guy Edwards is featured in this extensive article on his obsession with the bigfoot phenomenon.

Russian Bigfoot Breakdown

MattSquatch presents a look at the Russian bigfoot. Does Russia have their very own bigfoot creature? Check out some of this impressive evidence.

Alabama Bigfoot Evaluation

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at some claims of a seven foot bigfoot in Alabama. But does he believe it? Check out what he says.

Bigfoot Leaves Gift For Kayaker

From Bigfoot Evidence, a story of an encounter where a silver-haired bigfoot tried befriending a female kayaker by presenting a gift.

Disturbing Bigfoot Image Caught on Trail Cam

NvTv posted this image from a trail cam. Reportedly a viewer sent it in. The main question is, what is it?

True Scary Stories From State Parks

The Swamp Dweller shares a collection of stories that hits home with every bigfooter. True and scary encounters that have happened deep inside state park.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Angry Bigfoot Confronts Man

From Sasquatch Central comes another Bigfoot Case File. This one involves an encounter that terrified a man when he crossed paths with an angry bigfoot.

Bigfoot on the Illinois River

A witness tells their story of a late night encounter with the famous Illinois River monster, a bigfoot creature commonly seen along the banks of the Illinois River, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.