Monday, September 15, 2014

Small Creature Inadvertently Filmed In Kitchen Next to Toddler

Holyshhhhhhh! This can't be real -- right? A small humanoid creature is filmed running out from a closet, and the mother of the small baby in the video didn't even noticed! How about that? One woman in the comments section had a similar experience with these tiny beings:

Watch Justin Smeja Skin a Snake

At the "Kill Site" Justin Smeja was a admirable cook. Unfortunately, the snake was spoiled by a giant dead rat in its gut. It's the weirdest sight ever.

There's Something Interesting About This Limb Formation

These tree bow type structures usually don't impress me much, but this one is actually being held down by another tree limb, and then has a third woven into it. Kind of interesting, and a head scratcher for sure.

OMG! Sasquatch Ontario Is Actually Having Real-time Conversations With Bigfoot

Alright, folks. Sasquatch Ontario is back. He has taken things up a notch and now has recordings of him interacting with Bigfoot in real-time. He's been accused of faking his audio tracks, but proof of that is still in the air. Whether you believe this guy is the real deal or not, his videos are quite interesting and will surely stir up some debate:

These Prints Are From Auburn California, And The Story Behind Is Spooky

The Paranormal Review just got a brand new video to breakdown. This video supposedly shows a 12" footprint walking all over the bottom of a pool in Auburn, California. According to the pool's owner, John Peterson, he also found a "long greyish brown hair" in the filter. Here's the full story and the breakdown video:

The Browns Captured These Terrifying Howls a Couple Days Ago

Are these Bigfoot howls? These sounds were captured on September 10th and it's one of the clearest vocalizations we've heard in a long time. Jon, Sara and Brown of Grays Harbor, Washington are hot on the trail of Bigfoot and these vocalizations are just more evidence of what's been happening in their hot spot. Some say it's a coyote, but the Brown family believe it's the same Bigfoot creatures they've been observing for sometime:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Breakdown Revisited: Mysterious Bigfoot Photos

Phil Poling of ParaBreakdown takes a look at a set of photos that appeared out of nowhere, and then disappeared back to nowhere, and then vanished as quick as a bigfoot. If you have anymore info about these photos, let us know about it.

Did Bigfoot Leave a Bouquet of Flowers for this Researcher?

Sure, it may look like a bunch of dried flowers that someone stuck in a chain link fence, but to the trained eye of bigfoot researcher Connie Imming, this is a gift from bigfoot.

This Bigfoot Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Nest - video

Can you see the bigfoot in the above picture? Watch the video below and you sure will. This footage was originally posted by Jeff Patterson, and supposedly is of a bigfoot that was startled awake while sleeping in a ground nest at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. Take a look:

This is the Best Bigfoot Eyeshine Video I've Ever Seen

This video is really awesome. It has several minutes of what appears to be bigfoot eyeshine. Rocks are thrown, and caught on video as well. A lot of you won't take the time to sit through all of it, but those that do will be in for a surprise.

This video proves that you can be friends with an eel

This is beautiful. A brave diver manages to befriend a vicious moray eel over years of contact.

This Bigfoot-UFO connection is sooooooooo weird

If you think the Bigfoot-UFO connection is something that's new, think again. There's been reports of strange happenings like it from the UFO/Paranormal field for decades. We recently came across this report from 1986 describing strange orbs around two humanoid creatures. Here's a rough French to English translation:

This UAV video from Australia is impressive

We've seen researchers in North America put their drones to use and it looks like our friends in Australia are finally getting serious with UAVs. Check out the high flying action from above:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [9/13/2014]

Read more: Bone shaped sugar cubes...

Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

In Rare Event, Timbergiant Bigfoot Debunks His Own Video

Timbergiantbigfoot has been known for his controversial videos, but in this one he actually takes a look at one of his own videos, and discovers the truth.

Is This a Huge Bigfoot Caught on Video?

From YouTube user trackersthename:
Stills of a huge male Sasquatch over 8' tall standing beside a tree watching me from about 100 meters away at a small sand dunes N/E Ontario. If you look closely you may notice the grey skin on his chest where his hair is not as thick.

Look at the Size of This Track!

Rodney Adams of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group holds up a cast of a track found in Trimble County, Kentucky. The group recently gave a presentation about the creature at a local library.

Video: Bigfoot Seen Bending Tree

From the SquatchMaster himself, comes this new piece of video which according to him shows a bigfoot bending a small tree. There is something moving that you can see between the tree limbs, I just can't be certain what it is.

"Mr. No-Shoulders" is One of the Top 5 Scariest Things in the Mississippi Woods

The deep, dark woods of Mississippi can be a scary place. There's lots of things that slither and bite out there, but what are the top 5 wen it comes to scariest? And yes, bigfoot is on the list.

This is what happens to a tour van when it enters Area 51

This tour bus, that makes regular trips to the border of Area 51, crossed the border made a big mistake last May. The driver was distracted by a passenger and blew right over the line. What happens next was unexpected: