Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project Bigfoot Headed For L.A. and It Looks Hilarious

Thanks to Bigfoot Research News for the following info!
Project Bigfoot is headed for the L.A. Comedy Film Festival! It will premier on May 1st, 2014 at 7PM. We're glad it's getting some attention, and we hope to see it soon. So far this movie looks to be hilarious!

"A bush-league group of amateur filmmakers spend two weeks in the backwoods of Georgia searching for the mysterious Bigfoot."

Be sure to "Like" their facebook page at this link.

Also, you can check out the L.A. Comedy Film Festival site for updates and info at this link.


  1. The bloodmoon is bad to the bone.

  2. Any actual bigfoots kicking about or are you all going to continue to pretend there's magic monkeys in the woods?

  3. No fux were given, just like Dead Bigfoot.

  4. Oh snap. They didn't get the memo about the new style in facial hair.

  5. That's the cast to the next Ghostbusters movie.